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wannabe H4x0r

custom mouse cursors in directX ?

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the only way i can seem to get a cursor that runs smoothly is using windows cursors or using d3ddeviceinterface->showcursor(), but both place a lot of restrictions on what you can have (i.e. size, animation, etc.) i tried to get a custom cursor to work with directinput, but the lag was horrible. i just got the position of the mouse before each drawing routine, began my scene, drew my cursor at the end of the scene drawing, ended my scene, and presented; the lag was terrible. going back go either windows cursor or direct3d HAL cursor worked perfectly but is there a better set up? directinput can''t possibly be this unwieldy right?

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I''m using Dinput8 for Mouse and Keyboard in an Win32/OpenGL App.
The mouse works according to the buffered mouse in the scrawl example/dx-documentation.
My Problem is:
In the example the Cursor is drawn in the OnPaint Function, which is called, when
a WM_PAINT message occurs. If I do it this way my OpenGL graphics are not displayed.
So where should I draw the cursor using the DrawIcon Method? I can''t draw it with OpenGL,
because it should be visible outside the OGL Window.
Is there a possibility to catch the WM_PAINT message, draw the cursor, and the generate
the message again, so that OGL displays the graphics?
Are there other possibilities to solve the problem?


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