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GLU - gluNewTess not found (weird) FTGL

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hi all, i´m trying to install the FTGL fonts.while configure it says: checking for gluNewTess in -lGLU... no configure: error: libGLU is required to compile this library this is weird,normally my openGL always works.i have aps that use other glu* commands. so i tried to enter a gluNewTess(); in my app-no compiler error. I have no idea what to do ! my appsmakefile looks like CC = g++ -Wall -pedantic -ansi all: $(CC) main.cpp -o new -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lGL -lGLU -lXxf86vm `sdl-config --cflags --libs` clean: @echo Cleaning up... @rm check @echo Done. ..no probs . anybody can please help me ? and here the FTGL font page : link:http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/henryj/code/index.html#FTGL

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