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Well I´m not really new to DX but I need to know some things about editor programming. I want to make a 3d editor in which I can position some models and simple primitives. Well that´s doable but how do I save this data into a file and then load it in a seperate program. Like making a level for a game in an editor and then load it into the actual game. Any help appreciated!
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Well.. you can have your world editor output many files when you are finished with the level.
An image for heightmaping
an image for terrain mesh
and alot of other stuff in a pre-formated text file (or your own user defined file)

Then in game you just load up this file, and create a simple parser to get the variables from the positions you need.

For example it can have a section where it gives the name of th model, then its x,y,z coords relative to the level, and mabey even its lookat vector.

then you engine will load in the model (.x file format for example) and set its position relative to the variables associated with it gotten from your user defined file type your world editor saved.


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