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[C++ ] an error that I don't understand

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Hi... I''ll be very fast... I''ve a class MyMesh, and in this class there is the method ID3DXMesh* GetID3DXMesh(); This works fine.... I''ve a class CExtra, too ..... with method ID3DXMesh* CExtra::GetMesh() { return (m_pPosition->pElement->GetID3DXMesh); } this "m_pPosition->pElement" give me a *MyMesh and also it works... but "m_pPosition->pElement->GetID3DXMesh" tell me cannot convert from ''struct ID3DXMesh *(__thiscall MyMesh::*)(void)'' to ''struct ID3DXMesh *'' Why the method give me a ID3DXMesh *(__thiscall MyMesh::*)(void) if GetID3DXMesh give me ID3DXMesh*?? thank very much =) byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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