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Christian Schlager

Where do i find this XSkinExp.dle?

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Hey, i want to export a model from 3ds max 5 with the export thing you get from the msdn website, its name is So i unzip the file and readme.txt says, i should copy "XSkinExp.dle" into the plugin directory of 3ds max 5, except there is no such file, only files for a Visual Studio Project. When compiling these i get the error message ''Max.h'': No such file or directory How do i get that stupid file? Please help, Christian

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S1CA    1418
1) Install the 3DS Max SDK (it comes on the 3DS Max CD).

2) Add the directories for the include and lib folders in the Max SDK to the MSVC path search list.

3) Build the project

If you get any compilation errors including PhyExp.h you''ll find that in the docs folder as part of the Character Studio install.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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