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Will the skinned mesh problems never end????

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Has anyone ever had any problems with Jim Adams'' Skinned mesh loading classes from the RPG book? I have been trying to make this thing work with the meshes I''ve created in 3dStudioMAx. When I use the SkinnedMesh example from the 8.1 SDK, the mesh and its animations load fine, but when I use the Adams'' code, my characters feet dont have an animation. They just follow the legs, and everything but the feet works fine. I''ve been looking at both the SDK sample and RPG book code for hours, and I can''t figure out what''s different. Has anyone had this problem before? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

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WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I finally got this thing working right! For all the people trying to use 3dStudio Max 5 to export Skinned meshes, Here is what I have learned:
1) The SDK plugin exporter only works about half the time. If you open up the .x file in the SDK Skinned Mesh example, it will not show up if the plugin hasn''t worked. (might just be my computer)

2) The SDK example does not check for duplicate meshes, but Jim Adam''s RPG book example does. When you use the SDK plugin exported, none of the meshes are named. This means that, in order for the meshes to appear properly, they all must be either named differenty, or the duplicate checking section of the code must be modified. (it is commented)

3) MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT NAME TWO OBJECTS THE SAME IN 3DSMAX!! This one took me the longest to figure out. I accidentally named two objects BONE_L_Shin as opposed to BONE_L_Shin and BONE_R_Shin. The SDK example figured it out somehow, but the RPG book code didn''t.

Well, I hope this saves someone else some trouble, and sorry about the vague questions I''ve been asking today

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