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Vector along a plane

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How do I rotate a vector so that it is parallel to a plane? I can do this using sin/cos but is there a way to do it in directX? The info I have is 1) The Plane as a D3dPlane 2) The normal of the plane as a d3dvector 3) The vector i want to rotate as a d3dvector I can use the the D3dxmatrixReflect to reflect the vector, but this is more for bounce, and I''m trying to get acceleration along a slope. Learning to fly is easy, but as a tortoise, the landings are really rough.

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The fastest way I know of is to algebraically simplify the following:

A = input_vector;
N = plane_normal_vector;
P = Projection(A, N); // A onto N
B = A-P; // the remainder, which is aligned to the plane
B = B * Length(A) / Length(B); // fixes the length

// output is B.

I'm about 70% sure that there is a way to do it without the Length() calculations that would be pretty slow. You may be able to remove that part of the equation completely if you simplify the equations algebraically.

You're using this for your ball/landscape thing, right? If so, this might not be the best solution for that situation.

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