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Linked Lists and Constants help please :D

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ChibiCloud    122
I''m reading "Sams teach yourself Game Programming with Visual Basic in 21 days" and i''m up to the part where there talking about Linked Lists and i''m confused. Can anyone help? Also Visual Basic has Constants like vbred for a color constant but in the same day that they tell you about Linked Lists in the code they tell you to type for "The Game of Life" it looks like there making there own constants or something. I''ve read "Sams teach yourself Visual Basic 6.0 in 21 days" and they diddn''t talk about making your own constants or anything like in the code. Please help :D

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tok_junior    229
That made absolutely no sense...
What part of that was about the usage
of linked lists? And is using linked lists
really a good idea in Visual Basic, it sounds
to me it would be EXTREMELY slow, considering
the time it takes to do such a simple thing
as allocating memory in that filthy beast of a language...
And im sure if you take your time and read the book
instead of just skimming the text and go for the "good"
bits, you''ll find the answer to your question...

MFC is sorta like the swedish police... It''''s full of crap, and nothing can communicate with anything else.

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taZman    122
Wow, most definitely not the best choice in language...While in the business VB can do most all your needs, in the gaming world it has too much over-head and is too slow...Trust me I have been writing VB apps for over 2 years now and there are definite limitations that do not make it a language primed for writing games...

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