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Hi, has someone any experience with the StackWalk64 function ( and the other DbgHelp functions) ? I get always an strange Access Violation from Ntdll.dll ... BlackHC I do know that I don''t know anything.

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I''ve worked with the 32 bit version before. Here are a few related urls:


There doesn''t appear to be much commentary regarding the 64 bit dbghelp routines.

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- Do you have the 5.1 dbghelp.dll? You''ll need it for DIA stuff; grab it from someone who has WinXP or try to download a ''MS debug pack'' or something.

- you synchronizing your calls to the library? It''s single threaded.

- read in one of Matt Pietrek''s articles that you need to set certain members of STACKFRAME:

/* x86 only: init STACKFRAME for first StackWalk call (undocumented) */
frame.AddrPC.Offset = context.Eip;
frame.AddrPC.Mode = AddrModeFlat;
frame.AddrStack.Offset = context.Esp;
frame.AddrStack.Mode = AddrModeFlat;
frame.AddrFrame.Offset = context.Ebp;
frame.AddrFrame.Mode = AddrModeFlat;

That''s it until you tell us your Windows version and where it''s crashing

Lessbread: there''s not much difference; in fact, on my system, the 32 bit routines point to the 64 bit versions.


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It's real strange how it crashes. Well, my trace function which uses StackWalk64 works well - 'til it returned - then I get an Access Violation from Ntdll.dll. My programm still doesn't crash because I do exception handling. If the programm continues, I get a lot of strange messages from heap, that some heap block has been modified past the requested size of 30.

Other question : Do I really need set up frame.AddrStack ?
In the doc just AddrPC and AddrFrame need to be set up.

Now I trying to get the WinXP symbols I downloaded working with my Visual C++ 6 ... :-~


I do know that I don't know anything.

I've located the error somewhere in the STL and somehow removed it by copying some function parts into others. Strange,strange,strange.

Thx for your help however.

[edited by - BlackHC on March 8, 2003 8:09:43 AM]

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