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1 player mode ideas

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I made a game called Geocannons a short time back. It only has a 2-player mode at the moment and i''m looking for some ideas or inspiration for a fun-to-play 1-player made. You can download the game at http://atumotu.shorturl.com under the programming section click on Geocannons. Any ideas motivating thoughts and offcourse constructive critisism to to game at the moment are welcome. Cheers -CProgrammer

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I have to admit I didn''t play your game, but I checked out the screenshots on your website and they seem to be very promising ;-) ...
My suggestions for a fun-to-play single-player mode:
* implement a bot that can replace a human player and leave the concept as is ... you are still in 2-player-mode, but you''re playing alone
* totally remove the second tank off your concept and use a storyline combined with packing missions instead ... for this you''d need some more type of enemies and a goal to reach, for example destroying a special point guarded by your enemies, reaching a point by fighting your way through hostile camps/whatever, compromising a combat unit, ... i''m sure you''ll have plenty of ideas ... just wanted to add my 2 cents ;-)

If you ever played "Return Fire", this one is a game that might inspire you ... it''s really fun, even in single-player mode (although i must admit that taking out a human player in a match is much more fun to me than fighting those "bad guys" on my own *g*)

Good luck with your game! Really looking forward to playing it!


--si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses--

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Thanks for the idea. The first is definetely doable however it would require some good AI. Cause how to make the bot fire cannonballs that fly under the calculation of the earth''s gravity and one cant shoot at any force between 0-50 and any angle in 3d except down.
The second is cool but ill have to drop the concept of the arena types i have at the moment and design large levels.
What do you think should i keep the top view in 1-player or make a 3rd person perspective. Havent quite decided yet.
Possibly i could do both a campaign mode and battle mode. Cause with the campaign mode the battle mode is pretty much done.

Thanks for the ideas.

Any more people? Ideas are welcome?


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