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Performance comparsion please read

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i recently bought a gf4 ti 4800 se 128ddr and i have run an opengl demo which i have found here on gamedev a few weeks ago the demo featured the following: Cursor: Move W: Wireframe on/off S: SkyCam H: Highest Detail on/off B: Bounding Boxes on/off O: Occlusion Culling on/off G: z-Grid on/off L: Lighting on/off R: Lightmap/Vertexcoloring C: Quadtree/Brute Force 1: Body-Tiles on/off 2: Link-Pieces on/off 3: Corner-Pieces on/off i turned everything to highest detail and managed to get 850000 triangles per frame with 45 to 50 frames per second with texturing enabled i am just curious if your get similar numbers because i ran this demo on a athlon 1,4 ghz with 512 ddr-266 i always though my computer wouldn t offer enough fillrate for such a card so i just wonder what you manage also i bought this card because the gffx isn t worth the $600 it costs and i don t like ATI cards this new card will last til i buy my new athlon in september/october

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