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changing a mesh's FVF

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the following code attempts to change the meshes fvf, but it causes my app to crash, where mesh->pMesh is a pointer to a mesh class, should this work? or should i make a copy of the oringonal mesh before tying to change itself?!
mesh->pMesh->CloneMeshFVF(D3DXMESH_WRITEONLY, D3DFVF_QUADFVF, pD3DDevice, &mesh->pMesh);
edit: also tryed this, but it dont work:
	LPD3DXMESH pTempMesh;

	mesh->pMesh->CloneMeshFVF(D3DXMESH_WRITEONLY, D3DFVF_QUADFVF, pD3DDevice, &pTempMesh);
[edited by - supagu on March 15, 2003 8:37:25 PM]

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You sould consider the vertex format!

I think it is because the cloned mesh's vertex struct size is small than the original's;

Or do this job yourself:

1,Create a empty mesh with your FVF;
2,Lock vertex buffer of the original mesh and newly created mesh;
3,Do vertices' copy manually;
5,Copy other info(metrial,texture,etc...)

We create world.

[edited by - kimryo on March 15, 2003 12:22:17 AM]

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If your original mesh is write only, then it may not clone successfully. Grab the return code of CloneMeshFVF and check with the error lookup to see what''s going on.

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