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need a Tower model (3ds)

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Preferably in 3DS format....could anybody....or does anybody have a model of a Tower that''s not too high in poly-count? What i have in mind is a single tower building, detailed or simple...brick textured or whatever...circular or square...doesnt really matter. Although, id prefer a circular tower, not too tall, with a wooden pointed root, and textured with bricks. Thats it...if anybody have something like that, id appreciate it very much. email:

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Wasn't sure exactly what you'd want. This is what i pictured acording to your description. Not knowing your triangle count limits etc... i kept them extremely low. Model is not tectured(haven't used my PS since i reformated)

1st link is a picture. Model has 262 faces.
2nd is the file in 3ds format zipped up.

Need any modifications or a skin for it hollar. I'll see what i can do.

BTW- Anyone can use this model for whatever you want to...
(edit:having issues with geocities, the files are there.. sometimes they are showing up... sometimes not... if ya want these..just post and i'll email them to you, or email me at /


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