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DirectX WORM (nibbles/snake clone)

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This is a project that is nearing its final stages. For all intents and purposes it is a game. However, there are a few features I will still implement during my free time. Please take the time to try out this version and provide feedback. Thanks. http://amithran.hybd.net/downloads/dxmsource.com oh yeh, it comes with the source, if you don''t want to compile just run the exe. README contents: AUTHOR: Jeremy Giberson E-MAIL: dbgtgoten9@icqmail.com TITLE: DX WORM (direct X worm) PLATFORM: Windows 98/XP(home/pro)/ ? HOME-PAGE: http://amithran.hybd.net DXWorm is a clone of the popular arcade style game: Snakes/Nibbles/Worms(has many names). This is my first complete game project and takes use of the DirectX and DirectSound technologies. The exe has been tested on win98 and winXP and has shown no bugs. If you find/encounter an error/bug please report so in the forum-thread you found this file posted in. Thanks for showing interest in my work. HOW TO PLAY: -Start up: Run the DXM.exe (or compile a new one after you''ve examined the source) and the game will start. You will be presented with 3 options: New, Exit, and Resume. New will (re)start a new game of DXWorm. Exit will quit out of the application. Resume will take you back to the game you were already playing had you pressed the ESC key during the game. CONTROLS: -LEFT ARROW: Go in the left direction -RIGHT ARROW: Go in the right direction -UP ARROW: Go in up direction -DOWN ARROW: Go in the down direction -ESC: Puase/Exit/Restart/New (pressing esc will boot you to the main menu (acting like a puase mechanism). From there you can resume game play where you left, start a new game, or exit. GOAL: Navigate the worm creature around the grassy field eating the apples you find. Every apple you eat will make you grow one worm segment. IF you run into a border you lose. IF you run into yourself you lose. Winning is objective as of the current build, and is mearly the challenge to get as manny worm segments then your previous tries. When you die, press ESC to go to the menu and start a new game.

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