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Animating meshes - please help

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Helo I have been studying DirectX9 sample on SkinMesh for some time and I cant understand a few things. I would just like to load .x file with animation and then render this animation usin animation controler. I dont want to set up bones and skinig! If there was an example on animation in directX9 it would be a lot easier to learn other things like skinmesh for example. Anyvay, here is what I have figured it out: D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX - function used for loading frame hearacy from .x file Output: LPD3DXFRAME* LPD3DXANIMATIONCONTROLLER* Input: LPD3DXALLOCATEHIERARCHY Ok, then I make a class derived form ID3DXAllocateHierarchy and setup four functions: CreateFrame(); CreateMeshContainer(); DestroyFrame(); DestroyMeshContainer(); I am sure that I did averything right to this point! But after a succesfull call to D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX(), when I wont to acces pMeshContainer and render my pFrame->pMeshContainer is 0x0000000 ??????????????? Whats the problem? What else do i have to set up to render a simple animation? (red box moving up and down) Where can i get some good info, tutorial, anything, ..etc. on that subject? Please help me if you can I am feeling down.

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