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How much you earn with shareware selling?

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This question is becoming rather a touchy one.

The essence of this question is:

1. "Can you make money with shareware?" Answer: Yes, you can.

2. "Can you make a living with shareware?" Answer: Yes, you can.

The specifics aren''t necessary.

Before you ask this question again, ask yourself how *you* feel when someone asks you how much you make at your current job. It''s a question that makes most people very uncomfortable.


Samu Games

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I am sorry if this question is to bit personal. I apologize for this. I understud if someone feel to much uncomfortable, but that people could freely chose not to answer to my question.

About real question:

I know that is possible to make money with shareware. For living? I don''t know. Because of this reason I put that kind of question. I am realy interesting how much is possible to earn with selling shareware games (good looking, playable,..) as developer and not as reseller or distributor. It is easy to say "You can make a living with shareware". But in real life you must live with help of "money".

I stil thing, that most of people will be very interested to hear a real figures from selling - of course from those, who allready sold or still selling via Internet.

So - Who dare, wins!


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