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Ski Stunt Simulator.

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hey, i''m new here. but i have a couple of questions and didnt know where to turn. first off i found this little gem of a game called Ski Stunt Simulator ( it''s an awesomely addicting game. anyway i finished the levels of the full version pretty quickly and i have some awesome ideas for some levels that i would like to create. the games source is completely open. i poked around alittle editied some things.. but it''s really hard to know what your messing around with. i emailed the creator and never got a reply. it doesnot look like he is going to be updating the game any time soon. so i was wondering if there was an easy way to edit and create your own levels. using a program of some sort. and i dont know what language the game was writen in. there isnt a download to the demo on the site anymore so you can get it here. [] thanks, mike

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