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Yet another Quake 3 Loader -- Collision Testing

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hi, this is what im currently doing for my collison... find the leaf im in (camera) and test all the faces in the leaf with a bounding sphere ... heres the problem .. its not working ?! only a few (very few, 1 in 60 or 70) polygons return a collision.. im asuming the faces are stored like this
for( int j = face.start; j < face.nVerts + face.start; j++ )
     // quake 3 tris are triangle fans.. correct?

     CVector3 Tri[]={Verts[face.start],Verts[j],Verts[j+1]};
any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanx -- a dancing person appears insane to those who cannot hear the music -- Just click it

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