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Some Stuff I Did

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Hi everybody. I''m here just to give you a link to some pictures of some stuff I did. I made most models in Wings 3D, and then I put those in Bryce. The terrains were made in Bryce too. The characters that you see in the second Cliff Temple pic were quick sketches that were cleaned-up in Photoshop and then colored. Here''s the link - www.geocities.com/batmanbm754/travis3d1 Any suggestions for more detail or whatever would be appreciated. Death Smiles Upon Us All... All We Can Do Is Smile Back...

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I was just looking at your work, but it''s a bit annoying coz there is no full size images :/
Just out of curiosity, though, you are using Bryce 3D aint you ?
coz you got the atmospheric haze effect way too strong on your Cliff temple and Medieval city pictures.

It''s pretty good stuff if you are beginning at 3D. I would criticize the textures especially for your white ships, but if you are working with Bryce I know how hard it is to get good textures given that they are mostly geared towards natural and organic stuff.
The right tool for the right job, as they say...

I was thinking, if you want to give a good sense of scale, you might want to rethink your ship pictures. The texture of the ground, IMO, suggest a great distance (as in, you are looking down at the ground from pretty high), but the shadows of the ships suggest that the ship is like really close to the ground... I dunno, it''s probably just me, but if you could put some other objects to give some sort of scale reference, it would create a much better sense of the scale of the ships.
Hope it helps

Sancte Isidore ora pro nobis !

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Liked the images.

With the castle image I particularly liked the layout of the image - plenty to see without being too busy. The ''barrack blocks'' are nice. Only ''complaint'' would be that some of the objects (the Keep for example) are a bit too obviously based on primitives - I would break up the uniform shapes a bit.

With the cliff temple again I liked the image, although the stairs look a little unstable. Perferred the water texture in the second image.

I didn''t think the haze effect was over the top (but then I like Bryce images!).

Good stuff.


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