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Level Designers Wanted

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Hi all , as you might notice i`m new here. this site has been recomende to me. I`m here because i`m looking for some skilled level designers to join our team. We are a mobile game development and distribution company located in Germany. the criterias are the following: * Understanding level design tools like mappy * developed some levels in the past (either for your own game or for other ones) * Pixelartist skills (if some tiles need to be updated) * a creative mind * you have to be able to work at least 10-20 hours a week * able to work fast , and time estimating skills * able to work in a team a small FAQ: *Will there be $$$ involved ? Yes its a paid job *How much $$$ will i get ? I realy have no idea this will depend on the person who makes it, the project, time spend, etc. or if you want to get paid on a project base or a hourly rate. *how much project ? again , i don`t know , if your skills and quality is good enough we will keep em commin` for any other questions , please contact me by mail , AIM , MSN or ICQ or post a message in this topic. if there are any questions that are also relevant to the other users, i will update the FAQ Regards, Björn Janse CSP-Mobile Website > mail > MSN > AIM >Urnusan ICQ >177322855 [edited by - Bjorn_CSP on March 18, 2003 12:07:28 PM]

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