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Portable game device programming

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Kylotan    10008 seems to have some downloadable tools for GameBoy Advance development, although obviously getting the actual game onto the device may be non-trivial. I saw mention of a ''flash cartridge'' but don''t know any more than that.

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McMcDonald    122

Gameboy advance: Use a flash cable to put little games to the gba, or buy a memory cartridge+flash cable to create bigger games (more expensive) (i sell flash2advance kits currently at ebay -> look here ).

Gamepark 32: I have read that this console comes with a cable to load games from PC to the device. I think that this console is only used in korea.

NGage: the new game phone from nokia. As i know it will come in summer. But you can program for the ngage today using the series 60 sdk from nokia ( All games programmed with the series 60 sdk will run on the ngage.


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