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2D Map Editor

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Ok I''m not very good with the Windows API simply because I never use it. What I have right now is a window that pops up and on that window there are two containers. The top one is an MDI container and the bottom one is a simple window with a border that are both sized to take up the whole main window. The MDI container is locked to the top of the window and the bottom window is locked to the bottom. The bottom window has two scroll bars on it and they size themselves fine. My problem is I want that bottom window to be able to be resized. The catch is I only want the user to be able to change the size of the height by clicking on the top border. So making the window a sizebox is out of the question because it lets you size all sides of the window. How would I go about getting the window to do what I want it to do? My next problem is how to go about storing the map data for each open map. For each child of the MDI container I need to save the map data for it. The problem is how do I go about knowing which map data belongs to which child window. What is the best way to go to solve my problem? The last problem I have is loading a bitmap from custom data file so I can use bitblt with it.

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I''m not sure about the window, I was never able find out how to use paned windows in Windows.

For associating maps with windows you should look into, Set/GetWindowLong(), or window properties.

And, if it''s just a .bmp, windows has a function, either LoadBitmap, or LoadResource that can load them from files to device contexts.

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