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Turn Based Strategy Game

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The Age of Warfare
The game is called The Age Of Warfare (TAOW) and will end up being a cross between Civilization II and AOE2, as well as several other successful though not widely known games, with many unique ideas thrown into the mix. For example, we plan to implement things like ammo, group bonuses, charging and much more. As a cross of Civ II and AOE2, the game will function like Lords of the Realm, in having the kingdom view (economy, troop movements, unit production, etc.) separate from the battle view (any combat). Already, we have statistical battles approximately 90% completed, and a limited multi-player battle only test in the making. In order to complete the multi-player test in any reasonable amount of time, we require additional staff. We Currently Need: Programmers (Preferably Any Microsoft .Net Language, Though Any Language That Can Compile Windows Libraries [.dll] Will Do) 2D/3D Graphic Artists for Terrain, Units, Buildings, Interfaces, Logos, Icons, etc. Web Designer (PHP & MySQL) To Help Me With Modifications And Running Of Web Site Writers for the web site, help files, scenarios, etc. ANY ONE interested in strategy games to help with ideas, testing, recruiting, etc. Any one interested please: Visit The Site (http://taow.gameday.de) And Sign up At The Forums E-Mail Me At joesanders@rogers.com Contact Me Via MSN: exact_joe_sanders@hotmail.com Contact Me Via ICQ: 216552835 Contact Me Via Y!: TAOW_Joe Unfortunately the game is planned to be freeware so any work will be unpaid, however you will receive credit for any/all work and we can arrange to link to a site if you wish. Should you choose to help us, you can do as much or as little work as you want, however the more you do the more credit you will receive. No this is not a scam, the game will be freeware. I know this is a repaeted post, but I am not only looking for staff, but fans. I want gamers''input to make the game that much better, testers and people to spread the work so when the game is done, there will be people to play against. We need to get some good lively discussions going and get the ideas flowing if we want to have a sucessful, fun game. Thanks, Joe. Visit The Site http://taow.gameday.de

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