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Borland C++ 5 and DirectX 8?

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I hate MSVC++ 6, and I was wondering if there was a way to get directx 8 to work with Bprland C++ 5, not the console freeware one, not the borland c++ builder, but the original borland C++ 5 IDE. Anybody?

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I am using builder now (if you can you should really get it...it is sooo much better than MSVC) Anyway, I had similar trouble with BC++ in DX3 ages ago and the Builder stuff should be similar to BC++ for DX9 (or 8) now...

Ok, have you created static libs from the DLLs. I found I needed the following

d3d8.dll --> d3d8.lib
d3d8x.dll --> d3d8x.lib
d3dguid.dll --> d3dguid.lib (not sure if this is really required)
(there may be a few others which you might need)
Also for some reason I needed the d3d8d.dll and d3dx8d.dll converted as well. So if the above don''t work try including those two.

Include these files in your project as static libs and you should be fine. You might need to fix a few bugs the pop up like ''sinf(...)'' = ''(float)sin(...)''.

Another alternative (which I sometimes have trouble with) is to use ''coff2omf'' on the MS libs in the dxsdk/lib directory to convert those. Once thats done put them in their own DIR and add that to the project directory list.

Hope this helps...

PS: If you want the CD3DApplication stuff you''ll have to convert the MFC to OWL unless BC++ can handle MFC (I can''t remember if BC++ can handle MFC well or not). The advantage of OWL is you can use the OWL designers under BC++.


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Seriously, thanks! Also, I have a question... I just reinstalled the DX8 SDK from the PRPGsWDX book CD, and i got an empty install. it only created one file: Uninst.something, and three folders: doc, bin, and samples, and all three are empty. I have reinstalled three times, and still the same. Help anybody!!!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Charsoft, wish I could help you, but I can''t.

I do wanna say that I have the same, all maps are empty except for the ''uninst'' file it made. So it''s normal, I think/hope.

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