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Cutting the font for lesson 17 in half

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I''ve been trying for a few days to cut down the file size for the bitmap font in lesson 17. By cutting down i mean loosing the last 128 "characters" of the file. I cut the bitmap no problem but when i run the font code and display text on the screen it''s not aligned anymore. I thought maybe it was the texture loading routine that i had or possibly when i generated the font. I''ve modified both of those and hasn''t changed a thing. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Not sure what you are talking about. I think if you are talking about only having certian charactors availabl, or resizing them, then you need to modify the code that cut the texture up and stores it into the display list.

Or if you are trying to make the texture file size smaller, then use a different bmp format, lose the color info. Or use a different format like jpeg or tga (think tga is bigger..?)

Does that help? If not try clearifying.

Dustin Davis
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Guest Anonymous Poster
No matter how many pixels are in a texture, the texture coordinates always go from s=0 on the left to s=1 on the right, and t=0 on the bottom to t=1 on the top. (Note that some texture loaders or file formats flip the image upside down, so that you may have t=0 on the top).

If you cut out half the data vertically, you''ll stretch everything rendered half the size in height. The solution is to multiply all your "t" texture coordinates by 2.

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pfff aww.. that worked great!
i always forget about that 0 to 1.

if anyone is interested in doing the same thing. modify the lines in lesson 17 so they look like this:

cy = (float(loop / FontHeight) / FontHeight) * 2; // Y Position Of Current Character
glTexCoord2f(cx, 1-cy-0.125); // Texture Coord (Bottom Left)
glTexCoord2f(cx+ 0.0625f, 1-cy-0.125); // Texture Coord (Bottom Right)

basically your gonna drop the last 128 characters from the bitmap font, don't forget to modify the bitmap to make it 256x128 (don't resize, actually cut it).

[edited by - PsychoPaul on March 23, 2003 1:41:24 PM]

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