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Exact memory figures on NGC?

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Or is it GCN ? Oh well, anyway, I was wondering if anybody knew the exact memory figures for the Gamecube. I read and heard 40 Mb and read and heard 24 Mb + 16 Mb. Can anyone explain the memory design for it? Also, in consoles, is a portion of the memory used by the OS and the executable? For example, would Gamecubes a fraction of the total 40 Mb be used for the OS (1 Mb?) and maybe 1 Mb for the executable game?), which wold leave 38 Mb left for the actual game stuff, more or less...?

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- 24Mb main memory, super fast "1TSRAM" (~2.6GB/s access)
- 16Mb ARAM, slower "audio" memory/DVD buffer memory

Plus a on-chip memory for things like textures in the GP.

The GameCube has a similarity with the Xbox in that there isn''t really separate "video memory", textures and the visible frame buffer (XFB) are allocated out of the main system memory pool.

Devkits have 48Mb of main memory.

Console OSes are very lightweight (known hardware, ROM, no user interface, no multitasking etc) so the amount of RAM always used by it is measurable in Kilobytes.

It depends though what you think of as the OS, don''t imagine it to like a PC - the API features that a game uses are extremely thin wrappers over hardware (literally just converting parameters and setting a memory mapped hardware address) which come as static libraries. Because of this, depending on which libraries you use, the actual memory usage varies.

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