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Photoshop RAW + Interleaved data format?

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Could somebody please explain how to read interleaved raw files (from photoshop)? Non-interleaved is very simple and is just RedByte [(width*height)] data block GreenByte[(width*height)] data block BlueByte [(width*height)] data block However, I am not sure of the layout of interleaved raw files. Wotsit did not provide any help, and I was not able to find (with admittedly modest effort ) any articles from google.

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Well, I''m not 100% certain, but I would imagine an interleaved format would be something like

(RedByte[width], GreenByte[width], BlueByte[width]) * height

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The interleaved raw format stores its data like so


as opposed to a planar (non-interleaved) format which stores it like so:


Assuming that you are using 24 bit images (1 byte for each red, green, and blue), each "line" of the file is width * 3 bytes long. You can do something like so:

unsigned char Color[3]; //place to store the color values

void ReadPixel(int x, int y, unsigned char * color)
//data is an array of bytes read from the raw file

color[0] = data[y * width * 3 + x * 3 + 0];
color[1] = data[y * width * 3 + x * 3 + 1];
color[2] = data[y * width * 3 + x * 3 = 2];

Hope that helps.

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