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Help!Multi-texturing in Lesson 10

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Hi, can anyone tell me how to apply the multi-texturing in Lesson 10? For exmaple, different wall in different texture mapping that using VBopenGL.And my 3D world have 40 sector that constructed by triangle. What it mean by "bind the texture ID before renderer (i.e. us glBindTexture)"? .Here I provided neccessary coding for texture mapping in lesson 10. Hope anyone can help me in showing coding. Public Texture(3) As GLuint Private Sub CreateTextureMapFromImage(pict As PictureBox, ByRef TextureImg() As GLbyte, ByRef Height As Long, ByRef Width As Long) '' Create the array as needed for the image. pict.ScaleMode = 3 '' Pixels Height = pict.ScaleHeight Width = pict.ScaleWidth ReDim TextureImg(2, Height - 1, Width - 1) Dim x As Long, y As Long Dim c As Long Dim yloc As Long For x = 0 To Width - 1 For y = 0 To Height - 1 c = pict.Point(x, y) '' Returns in long format. yloc = Height - y - 1 TextureImg(0, x, yloc) = c And 255 TextureImg(1, x, yloc) = (c And 65280) \ 256 TextureImg(2, x, yloc) = (c And 16711680) \ 65536 Next y Next x End Sub ______________________________________________ Private Function LoadGLTextures() As Boolean '' Load Bitmaps And Convert To Textures Dim Status As Boolean Dim h As Long Dim w As Long Dim TextureImage() As GLbyte Status = False '' Status Indicator If LoadBMP("Data\Mud.BMP", TextureImage(), h, w) Then Status = True '' Set The Status To TRUE glGenTextures 3, Texture(0) '' Create The Textures '' Create Nearest Filtered Texture glBindTexture glTexture2D, Texture(0) glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMagFilter, GL_NEAREST ''( NEW ) glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMinFilter, GL_NEAREST ''( NEW ) glTexImage2D glTexture2D, 0, 3, w, h, 0, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, TextureImage(0, 0, 0) '' Create Linear Filtered Texture glBindTexture glTexture2D, Texture(1) glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMinFilter, GL_LINEAR '' Linear Filtering glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMagFilter, GL_LINEAR '' Linear Filtering glTexImage2D glTexture2D, 0, 3, w, h, 0, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, TextureImage(0, 0, 0) '' Create MipMapped Texture glBindTexture glTexture2D, Texture(2) glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMagFilter, GL_LINEAR glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMinFilter, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST ''( NEW ) gluBuild2DMipmaps glTexture2D, 3, w, h, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, VarPtr(TextureImage(0, 0, 0)) '' ( NEW ) End If Erase TextureImage '' Free the texture image memory LoadGLTextures = Status End Function

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