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some help please

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HI Im doing an assignement on the various software tools used in Gaming design and development. Basically Id like to know what the main programming tools used are, for making games for consoles. I heard C and C++ are used. Apart from that I dont have a clue. Also, why are these used, why are they preferred over others , what makes them so good etc. etc. If you know any good sites I could visit please let me know. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks. Its due on saturday so Im running a bit late

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C and C++ are used, because it''s easier and faster to get something working.
... you should specify "consoles".

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C and C++ are languages, not tools.

Tool-wise, let''s see:

  • Most consoles have ''developer kits'' which contain information and tools specific to a given console. You pretty much can''t develop for a console without it''s kit.
  • For code, any serious developer will have a compiler/linker/debugger/profiler set. Many people choose Microsoft Visual C++; however, Metroworks'' CodeWarrior series of products have special tools for GameCube developers. So GC dev, on the whole, uses CodeWarrior.
  • Artwork: Photoshop (or GIMP, but not very often), Paint Shop Pro, and any given number of ''special'' tools for doing specific things
  • Modelling: 3D Studio Max, Maya, and Softimage|XSI (not so much the last one). Usually supplemented with tools like Poser, Character Studio, or Bryce.
  • Sound: Uh, not sure. Sorry, ask somebody else. Suffice it to say people don''t use Sound Recorder.

That''s all I can think of right now...

- saving pigs from untimely fates, and when he''s not doing that, runs The Binary Refinery.

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