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Having some problems with object collision, please help me =/

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This has really been bugging the hell out of me for the last couple days. Here's my situation: I tried making a version of Slime Volleyball from http://diddly.com/slime and it's been going fine until I get to some object collision. Here's my code for detecting ball/slime collision (slimes are semicircles, the ball is a circle):
//Do some other collision checks

        //Slime check

	//If the ball's X value, fX, is less than zero, then

	//it is on the left side of the net check the left slime

		//Rough check of distance between slime/ball

			//Get the angle in radians of the collision

			//Get the magnitude of the ball speed

			float fMag=Distance(fXVelocity/1.5f,0,fYVelocity,0);
			//Determine the ball's new velocity

			//X velocity is 1.5x Y velocity


			//I don't know why I have to check this, but it's the only way it works

			//Check when the ball is below the slime and will collide with the slime

			else if(fY+fRadius<pSlime[0]->fY && fX>pSlime[0]->fX-pSlime[0]->fRadius && 
				fX<pSlime[0]->fX+pSlime[0]->fRadius && 
				//=================PROBLEM HERE================

				//This is the closest I can get it to working


				//Set Y Velocity to a certain value because I can't get it to work otherwise

				//fYVelocity=-abs(fYVelocity);  <--- this doesn't work

				//Set YVelocity

			//No collision, so slow down the ball Y Velocity

//iTimeDifference is how much time elapses every frame

//0.000005f is the acceleration due to gravity

        //Check other side

Alright, most of this works fine EXCEPT for the part where it checks if the ball is underneath the slime. I was forced to put in that forced YVelocity because I couldn't get it to work any other way. What happens if I don't do this is the ball just shoots up through the slime as if it had collided with the top part of the slime. Can anyone please help me? Here's a link in case you want to check it out: Slime Volleyball [edited by - Kaezin on March 25, 2003 5:10:10 PM]

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