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transforming points

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what function do i use to transform a 3d point? currently i tryed using D3DXVec3TransformNormal doesnt seem to work properly, D3DXVec3TransformCoord also seems to do a better job, but still dosent seem to be working properly, same with D3DXVec3Transform here is my current code for transforming my cameras frustrum to world coordinates:
	BOUNDS frustum; //object coordinates
	BOUNDS worldFrustum; //world coordinates
	frustum.points[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(-55,55,55); //top foward left
	frustum.points[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(15,15,55); //top foward right
	frustum.points[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-55,-55,55); //bottom foward left
	frustum.points[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(55,-55,55); //bottom foward right

	frustum.points[4] = D3DXVECTOR3(-55,55,-55); //top back left
	frustum.points[5] = D3DXVECTOR3(55,55,-55); //top back right
	frustum.points[6] = D3DXVECTOR3(-55,-55,-55); //bottom back left
	frustum.points[7] = D3DXVECTOR3(55,-55,-55); //bottom back right
void Camera::TransformBounds()
    // For our world matrix, we will just leave it as the identity
	D3DXMATRIXA16 matRotation;
	D3DXMATRIXA16 matTranslation;
    D3DXMATRIXA16 matWorld;
	D3DXMatrixIdentity( &matWorld );

	//get rotation of camera
	D3DXVECTOR3 rotation = eye - position;
	D3DXVec3Normalize( &rotation, &rotation );

	D3DXMatrixRotationYawPitchRoll( &matRotation, rotation.x, rotation.y, rotation.z);
	D3DXMatrixTranslation( &matTranslation, position.x, position.y, position.z);

	D3DXMatrixMultiply( &matWorld, &matRotation, &matTranslation );

	//transform object bounds to world bounds
	D3DXVECTOR4 temp;
	for(int i=0; i < 8; i++)
		D3DXVec3Transform( &temp, &frustum.points, &matWorld );
		worldFrustum.points[i].x = temp.x;
		worldFrustum.points[i].y = temp.y;
		worldFrustum.points[i].z = temp.z;
the code seems to be right, but the expected results dont seem to be, so if you see anything wrong plz point it out thanks

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Try using D3DXVec4Transform and feeding it a D3DXVECTOR4 with the z component set to 1.0f

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