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Error occured on DoModal()

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The program is done in the way as follows, Step1. CDlg *dlg = new CDlg(NULL);//NULL for the parent Wnd Step2. dlg->DoModal(); But I got an nonresponse error occured under Debug Mode. When tracing into the sourcecode,I can reach the following line and the hWndParent is not NULL. //////////////////////////// if (CreateDlgIndirect(lpDialogTemplate, CWnd::FromHandle(hWndParent), hInst)) //////////////////////////// I also trace into the following constructor. /////////////////////////////////// CDialog::CDialog(UINT nIDTemplate, CWnd* pParentWnd) { AFX_ZERO_INIT_OBJECT(CWnd); m_pParentWnd = pParentWnd; m_lpszTemplateName = MAKEINTRESOURCE(nIDTemplate); m_nIDHelp = nIDTemplate; } ////////////////////////////////// m_pParentWnd = pParentWnd;//--->> the pParentWnd is ??? in the variable window. Other information that may be useful. 1. The debug environment was created manually from a release mode. 2. The error did not occure before. I can not figure out what is the reason, does anybody have any clue about that? Any information will be appreicated.

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