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Tools for FF2-3 RPG Game?

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Hey guys, first post here. I''m currently a super freshman in college (I''ll be 21 in 3 weeks, life''s a bitch sometimes) and I''m trying to put my free time here at school into something worthwhile. As it stands, I want to get into game programming. My big overtaking right now is that I want to create an RPG in the realm (graphicswise and story/lengthwise) of FF2 and FF3 back on good ol'' SNES. I''m currently wading my way through a couple C classes, but learning what I can when im not in class. My question is, where''s a good place to start? Obviously I need C++ and the basics, but where to from there? Is there possibly another language that would be better suited, granted im not looking for super QIV graphics? (I am interested in DirectX however) I''ve looked at languages such as Fenix and SDL, and they look like they could help. Or would looking in the realm of DirectX be helpful? I know exactly what I want to do, I''m just trying to find the right path to do it. I realize these things take time as well, I''m looking this to finish this sometime around getting out of college. Any help you guys could provide would be helpful. See you around.

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I would suggest checking out:

Nothing to do with C/C++, but you can easily make 2D games like SNES ones [only RPG''s]

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C++, sounds like you're on the right track to me.

Your goals and direction sound a lot like me, so I thought I've give you some words of advice, and maybe some help along the way. First word of advice, play with C++ a LOT. The more you play with it, the better. Learn not only the syntax, but how to mold code into what you want to do. Make a simple text game, learn to use classes, pointers, and functions the best you can.

The next step is an API or premade engine. DX is good, and that's what I use. This may be a little ways off.

If you are interested in one on one help, you can reach me on AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is ArmySarj (I'm usually on in the afternoons and evenings) and ShavenMcJagger (I'm on this one in the mornings when I'm at school). I'd be more than happy to help. Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with C++.


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Sure! Here is some help!
1. For graphics, consider getting Photoshop or Paintshop Pro.
2. If you don''t already, get Visual C++.
3. LEARN C++!
4. Get some animation tool.
5. Write several basic games before you tackle a big game.
If you need more help, I would suggest going to the ''For Begginers'' resource.
Best Reagrds,

A Hobo King

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