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Everyframe light position updation

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In my engine i have camera and light classes. Light class has function like this
void Light::SetPosition(Vector3& v)
  mPosition = v;
  if (mbEnabled)
    glLightfv(GL_LIGHT0 + mID, GL_POSITION, v);
And I have function Camera::UpdateView, wich loads view matrix to OpenGL. Well, I change position of my camera every frame - it moves, but all light are also moves with the camera. Heh, this is itresting effect, but I don''t want to get it. So I need update my Camera::UpdateView and add lines like this
for each light in scene
  if it enabled
I think that this is not fastest and optimal way. Have anybody any ideas?

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When you use glLightfv(GL_LIGHT0 + mID, GL_POSITION, v);
the lights position is calculated with actual modelview matrix.
I wonder of useing only vector3 for light pos. What is 4. corrdinate?

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This was sample, actualy I use 4D vectors with w=1 (point light).
And I want OpenGL automaticly multiplies light''s position with modelview matrix every frame. This was my question.

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