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bmb is real

rmj files

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Okay, here''s what you have to do. Get a tape recorder and hold it up to your PC speaker. Play the rmj file and hit record at the same time. When it''s done recording, take the cassette tape and put it in a tape player. Then plug a microphone into your microphone jack in the back of your pc. Create a new wav file and click record and the same time you press play on your tape player, making sure the mic is held up to the speaker. That''s how to convert an rmj file into a wav file!



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I'm not familiar with that extension.
Anyway, I've used winamp to convert .ra or.ram...
If you set winamp's output as 'out_disk.dll', then click 'configure', chose a destination for the .wav file that will be created, then play your Realaudio file... you'll see the winamp timer count down the length of the song really quickly, then you'll find a wav in your directory.

Just thought of one other thing... you need to download a plugin so that winamp will play Realaudio (at least you do with winamp version 2, which is what I use).

p.s. I did a quick search and found that winamp can be made to play .rmj files

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