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X² [Milestone #5 Updates]

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Hi Everybody, The good news is we have successfully hit our 5th milestone despite a slight delay the production of the art assets mid way through. The big focus for this Milestone was to complete the basic animations for the main character and an enemy character and get them interacting with each other in the new engine. You can download this prototype further down in this e-mail. Here are the updates for Milestone #5. UPDATES Power Point Presentation Overall Yes, just as predicted in the mid-term review, the production process under which the Liquid Moon Team has been organized has increased the work flow significantly. This is again, hands down the most productive Milestone yet in terms of quality and quantity. There are, however, a few additional issues left to address. The Asset Pipeline We first will need to improve the art and programming pipelines to accommodate for the enormous increase of assets that we are about to produce. With the game up and running, art and code content will be flying out of the gates to complete the demo. One way we plan to improve the actual management of assets is to, at this level, assign an assets manager to the project whose main responsibility will be to manage, archive, and distribute all the game assets collected from the team leads. Risk Assessment Although risk assessment has been implemented (primarily on the design and programming sides) there will be a need to create back-up plans for the critical issues that the game may face. One such issue is the production of the pixel art. With pixel art being such a rare skill, there is an immediate risk that, with our limited resources, we will not be able to afford the loss of key individuals. These issues and more will be planned against and multiple solutions for each risk will be prepared. Formalization of the Liquid Moon Process Lastly, as we begin to get deeper and deeper into production, the need for standardization of our process across the board will be addressed. This is not only for our immediate benefit, but for the groups benefit in the long run. After a few iterations we have learned that there are key issues that are reoccurring and we will begin to streamline these processes and document them. Once formalized, these documents will be compiled into a manual that represents our production process for this particular type of game. This will also be useful for the online tutorial that the X² Design Site will soon become. Now onto the content produced for this term. Again, this team works like an oiled machine, there is sooooo much content this term that it will only be generalized in the following updates for the sake of time. CODE The PC Game Prototype Here is the main deliverable for this milestone. Notice a few things; the anti-aliasing around the edges is being addressed now, in addition to the character animations. You can only attack and run back and fourth in this demo (you can also hit the 2 enemies on the stage . Also, no sounds or music are synced, but they are playing. The controls are: ‘A’ = Run Left ‘D’= Run Right ‘Space’= Attack You can choose from the high resolution or low resolution versions of the demo that are in the main folder and please give the file about 10 seconds to load: Prototype for PC Expect to see a large jump from this established base within the next month  The final level is being created currently; Math will have all of his basic animations as well as other enemies in the scene. Scrolling backgrounds, triggered content and events etc. Design and Art For brevity’s sake I will simply post ‘some’ of the links to the large amounts of content produced this term: DESIGN Front-End Menu System Prototype (Bryce) Élan Arm Weapons Evolution Chart Prototype (Raul) Weapons Evolution Chart (State Machine) (Raul) Prototype Game Manuel (Section Layouts) (Jeff) Graphic Game Walkthrough Sections 1-3 (Sage) [b]ART Raire Mountain Section 4 Designs (Travis Adkins) Raire Mountain Section 4 Designs 2 (Travis Adkins) Geo Bryce, and Anadin (Roland Sanchez and Jason Cheng) Geo Anadin Bryce The Angel Lions (Willis Harrower) Math Promotional (Ed Kwong and Karl Balde) Game Scene Storyboards (Paolo de la Rosa) Pixel Art Pixel Art Credits: Ian- Math Animations Shane- Enemy Character Animations Dave- Props and Pixel Art Objects Peter- Backgrounds Plus additional work by Tuan, Nelly, Kwong, and myself. WRITING Bovasar’s Journals 1-4 (Ron Echlin) The Mona Culture (Ibrahim Amin) Story Outline Updates (The outline will be uploaded to the site by Tuesday) (Sage) MUSIC (Wayne Dineley) Geo’s Theme Kalsus’s Theme Shyress’ Theme The Dark Hand Kalsus’ Theme 2 BUSINESS and MARKETING Fashion Design Promotional In an attempt to market in places where the industry has yet to go, Liquid Moon has started a fashion/costume designer promotional. By teaming up with professional fashion designers from the movie industry we have created a unique way to cross market and promote for both the game and the design studios. Essentially, the designer creates a costume, design, or outfit of their style and we create the pixel art character of them, sporting their designs, in the game. There has been tons of great feedback and we already have some preliminary submissions: Hannah: 1 2 3 Manga/Anime Artist Promotional Another marketing plan aimed at bringing more attention to the characters of Seda and the game X², is focused on commissioned works from some of the top artist in the Web community. There are two artist scheduled for this promotion thus far: One by Mr. Charles Park: Ink Plus The other by Enayla: Enyla These two artists will be creating special works of the characters from X² in their individual styles to be promoted online, linking the works from their sites to our home page. The online following that both of these artists have, fit into the target audience for our game. The other artists we seek for this promotional are: Falcoon (Japan) http://falcoon.hp.infoseek.co.jp/topgallery15.htm Judy Dillion (Of how to Draw Manga fame) http://jdillon.net/ Jo Chen (need I say more?) http://www.jo-chen.com/ and ERIMO http://www.kit.hi-ho.ne.jp/burgal/erimo/top.html Liquid Moon/X² Media Package In preparation for our promotion at E3 in May, we have developed an internal creative team who is focused on designing and creating the Liquid Moon Corporate Media Package and X ² press release kit. This package will include who Liquid Moon Studios, Inc. is, what our goals are, and a production video shot locally at CDIS. In addition the X² press release kit will contain vital information about the game, media images and new screen shots, an overview of the intellectual property, and will also include a business plan covering the production of the full game. We have several high profile media packs from the last 2 E3 conventions that we are developing our content around, so we have a good idea of what’s out there. DKE Promotional in April In addition, the current X² media package will be traveling to one of DKE’s conventions in mid April. More information on that during the mid-term review. MILESTONE#6 June 1st 2003 There is still tons of work remaining and lots of avenues to cover. The next 8 weeks will be focused on asset production for the demo, organization of all the overhead processes discussed previously, and the completion of the Media Pack and Business Plan. See you then! Thanks -Kasan Wright P.S. EXTRAS For those not around for the LM Game Night, you can view the footage and picts here: LM Party! Liquid Moon Team X2: Official Site [edited by - Sage13 on March 31, 2003 1:59:22 AM] [edited by - Sage13 on March 31, 2003 2:03:30 AM]

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