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How to take a screen shot?

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How can i implement a screenshot key to my tetris? because when i press printscreen, i get a screen of my game that is half drawn and with the wrong colors

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- create a Surface
- GetFrontBuffer( created surface )
- D3DXSaveSurfaceToFile( create surface )

This saves the complete front buffer to a file.

If you only want to save the content of your own window try to use the following functions:
- GetClientRect
- ClientToScreen

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I find that algorithm ("Generating screenshot in DX 8.1") quite slow when it comes to doing it in real-time... Are they are other ways of doing it? When I did it, it took about one and a half seconds just to take one shot....

I made it search through a directory for a free shotxxxx.* file and write it to that. I''ll check that source again to make sure it''s not the prob...

....... Ummmm, Wait a sec!!! I had F12 take the shots. I think I''d better put a time delay between shots. That might be it. I''ll do that when I get home.

- Rob Loach
Current Project: Upgrade to .NET and DirectX 9

"Do or do not. There is no try."
- Yoda

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