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Perlin Clouds

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Hi! It''s me again... I''ve read a lot of tuts and threads about this topic but I''m still having some problems. What I try to do is to generate a Perlin-Noise-Cloud-Texture. The image on the left shows what my app can already do. But as you might have noticed this is far from what I wanted to achive (image on the right). My first problem is that I don''t get single clouds but rather a smooth gray soup. My second problem is that this soup is very undetailled and that there aren''t these clear, noisy borders... Can anyone help me? Thanks a 1000 times, b

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you have to lookup for the octaves..

meaning don''t print out



noise(x,y) + noise(x*2,y*2)/2 + noise(x*4,y*4)/4

that way, you get way more detail. (the factors, /2, /4 are arbitarily choosen by me. dunno wich ones fit best.. but you can read up about it, i''m pretty sure)

next is, the result of this function, detailed_noise(x,y) = noise(x,y) + noise(x*2,y*2)/2 + noise(x*4,y*4)/4 has to get put into a "cloud" function.. means, from the simple smooth gray image to the cloud image..

a simple idea: white clouds on a black ground:

cloud(x,y) = if(detailed_noise(x,y) >= 0.5) return 1 else 0

that is a simple one

there are some big threads about realistic clouds in here.. they could help, too

i don''t have any linklist here, so i won''t post any links in here..

i hope i at least inspired you a little

btw, your noise looks very good. a good start, now you can start to play around with it.

"take a look around" - limp bizkit

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Perlin''s bias and gain functions are extremely useful for changing the look of your clouds. There are also fast approximations developed by Schlick which are perfect for realtime applications.

"Math is hard" -Barbie

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