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Posting Code/Help with Mouse Move

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I was trying to make a program that everytime the mouse was moved and if it was in a positive coordinate that it would draw a rectangle where the mouse was. Just sort of fooling around with a snipet of code I wanted to use later. Here is my code, I cant figure out why it wont draw at all or even stop at a breakpoint in the procedure. Also how do you post code in those little boxes? Code: case WM_MOUSEMOVE: { hDC = BeginPaint( g_hWndMain, &PaintStruct ); int xPos; int yPos; xPos = LOWORD(lParam); yPos = HIWORD(lParam); Rectangle(hDC, xPos, yPos, xPos + 20, yPos + 20); if( xPos > 0 && yPos > 0) Rectangle(hDC, xPos, yPos, xPos + 20, yPos + 20); EndPaint( g_hWndMain, &PaintStruct ); return 0; }

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I''m not sure but I think the values returned would be the amount moved since last time so try

// Global
int xPos;
int yPos;

// Local
xPos + = LOWORD(lParam);
yPos + = HIWORD(lParam);

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posting in a hurry, but it should help. I


POINT point;


hdc = GetDC(hwnd);
ScreenToClient(hwnd, &point);
Rectangle(hdc, point.x, point.y, point.x+20, point.y+20);
ClientToScreen(hwnd, &point);

return 0;

case WM_PAINT:
hdc = BeginPaint(hwnd, &ps)
EndPaint(hwnd, &ps);
return 0;

to make the nice little code box put the word "source" in
open and close brackets

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