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The new nvidia drivers

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Well, errm, I just tried to install them and, they seem to work fine on Slackware 9.0 with XFree86 4.3.0 (+ KDE 3.1).
OpenGL seems to be allright too. Everything works, no problems during installation. The installer had to recompile the nvidia kernel because it didn't find a suitable one. (If the installer complains about missing kernel headers on Slack, just install the whole kernel source) The installer also takes backups of old files, so uninstalling shouldn't cause problems.
I haven't tested them with games and other demanding apps, but I'll do that soon. I can't tell anything about performance yet.
I hope the drivers are somewhat stable, performance is not that crucial for me.
Ah, and apparently a bug has been fixed. When you open a new xsesion on another terminal, the display isnt' screwed up anymore. (I had to switch back to the first one, and then back to the second to "unscrew" it) But I don't know it has something to do with the drivers.

[edit] btw, I have a TNT2 Ultra 32mb

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From my experience with them so far (I noticed an update in Synaptic earlier today, and just noticed this thread): 2D is less crappy (many or all of the glitches are gone), but still slower than the 3xxx series. They seem stable so far, but I''ll be able to better judge that after letting them run for a couple weeks.

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