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Help with rotating camera.

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I having problem rotating a camera in some cases. I have an object on the screen. the object is moving on the Z and the X axis. I am using the camera to make my object allways on the center of the screen. now , I want to have the ability to rotate the camera clockwise and counterclockwise and stay centered on my object. my rotation are only on the y axi. I am using gluLookat to place the camera, but when I rotate the camera it seems like it losing the focus on the center. it is only work when the center is (0,0,0). here is the code i am doing : // moving to the place I want to draw my object. glTranslate(xObject,yObject,zObject); //Now I am drawing the object on xObj,yObj,zObj DrawObject(); //moving the camera . the x,y,z is the distance minus the object cordinations so i have a fix distance. glLookAt(x,y,z, xObject,yObject,zObject, 0,0,1); glRotate(angle,0,1,0); this is my code . I also tried to take the camera code and place it before drawing. the same results . what should I do to rotate my camera and stay centered on my object in all places on the screen. gluLookat(x,y,z); thanks, B00Zagl0

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Use a bit of triganometry. As you move you''re camera around you''re world to make it move along its own x-axis you have to make it move the camera a number of units in the x - direction and z direction of the world. If you just Translate in one direction you''re camera will be moving along the axis of you''re world not you''re camera.

Hope this makes sense

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Thats what i thought to do . but doesnt open GL give me any way to do it by rotating ?

so what you meant is somthing like that :

x+=(sin(angle) * PI / 180) * radius;
y+=(cos(angle) * PI / 180) * radius;


when the x,y,z is the distance from the center and the Xobj,Yobj,ZObj is the center ?

is that look fine ?

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I just learned gluLookAt today and this is what I came up with
If you model is centered this will rotate around it perfectly

GLfloat piover180=blah blah blah;
GLfloat camera;

glLookAt(sin(camera*piover180)*40), 0.0, cos(camera*piover180)*40, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0);

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