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OpenGL OpenGL future ?

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Hello every body...... 2 weeks ago.....I began working with OpenGL. But I have some questions: ¿ Is OpenGL better than DirectX ? ¿ Is OpenGL still used for the game development ?

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1. you cant compare OpenGL (3d API) with DirectX (API which does many things) you can compare OpenGL to Direct3D, and if you want to read this : http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1775.asp

2. yes, all the ppl on this msg board is proof of that, oh and a little project called ''doom3'' by some bloke at a company called Id Software also uses OpenGL

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Well well well, I remember myself in your position at the beginning of a year and a half ago. I asked the same questions almost exactly.

OpenGL is still used for games, yes. Quake 3 uses it, Jedi Knight 2 uses it, and well a shitload of other (pardon my cussing) games use it. It''s fast, it''s portable,

its the open graphics library (applause).

DirectX cannot compare to OpenGL because OpenGL is a graphics library. DirectX Has DXAudio, DXInput, and DXGraphics, (and DirectPLay, show, music, blahblahblah).. You can, however, compare it to DirectX Graphics - the graphical part of DirectX.

I personally use OpenGL because it is fast, a lot easier to learn, and well, the community is much nicer. There is far more documentation on OpenGL than directxgraphics out there, so it''s much more novice-friendly. Just recently I''ve dived into DXGraphics8, which was a bad idea because now I want to try it some more, but I''m tired of trying to get it to work.

You can use DX if you want, but I do recommend diving into OpenGL first. If anything, you''ll get a nice understanding of Matrices and mathematics, a key feature in 3D (and 2d sometimes) game development.

For some popular OpenGL tutorials, check out nehe.gamedev.net, and don''t forget the forums here and at opengl.org. TUtorials are everywhere - all you need to typ into google is opengl tutorials.

Good luck,
~ Jesse

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