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Night Elf

Sharing code between projects in Visual C++

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I have two projects in a Visual C++ .NET solution: One is my 3d engine and the other is a test program for it. The test program has references to the .H files in the engine project, so it compiles OK. But, if I don''t add all the .CPP files of the engine in the test program, I get linker errors of unresolved external symbols (LNK2001). Well, I added all the .CPPs, but now whenever I make changes in the shared code and build the test project, those shared files get compiled twice: First for the engine project and then for the test program. Is there any way the linker can use the output .OBJs of the engine project build for the test program and not recompile all again? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Try building into the same directory (So that the exe files produced by both projects show up in the same spot).

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Two more options..

Import your 3d engine project workspace into your app workspace, and set the app project dependency to be dependent on the 3d engine.

In the app workspace..
1. Click "Tools->Insert Project Into Workspace" and find your 3d engine workspace.
2. Right click your app project in the class view and "set as active project"
3. Click "Project->Dependencies" to make your app dependent on your 3d engine.

The beauty of this approach is that you can modify the 3d engine code as well as the app, and vc will build as necessary.

Option 2, Make the 3d engine a static library project and make debug and release libs. Then you have to include the headers (not the .cpp's, no building required) and link to the libs in your app project.

- Matt

This is assuming all works the same in .Net as it does in good old VC++ 6.0

[edited by - matibee on April 2, 2003 1:10:24 PM]

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Thanks for your help.

Deyja: I tried your way, and it worked. It''s the way i''m using now. I thought there was a way of doing it whithout having to change any directories, especially since both projects are inside the same Solution...

matibee: Your first approach was what I did first. It seems as the perfect way. But it didn''t work. Maybe I did something wrong... I don''t know. Maybe I''ll use the LIB approach you mention. It''s an interesting way.

Thank you all again.

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