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Do I have to use dos??

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Hey, I''m just wondering...is there a way to create directories using visual c++ instead of dos? Becuase I think it would get kind of annoying to have to execute a dos file everytime you want to intall the program to create directories.

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There''s always InstallShield. This is what I see most PC games use to install their games. I''ve never personally used it before but it came standard with my Visual Studio.

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Gives me this error: --------------------Configuration: webmaker - Win32 Debug--------------------
C:\demonrealms\webmaker.cpp(63) : error C2065: ''_T'' : undeclared identifier
Error executing cl.exe.

webmaker.obj - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
I put this code in:#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <windows.h>
using namespace std;

/* The display class goes here.
It''s for reference on when to
display a msg */

class display
int display1;
int main(void)
// All charactors, strings, etc go here.
string usr = "[user=0]:^:[data=0]";
string NPrj = "new";
char fckver_01[28];
char input1[20];
char input2[10];
// Do all your file checks here.
ifstream fcheck_01("webmaker/user.txt");
fcheck_01 >> fckver_01;
while(fckver_01 == usr)
ofstream file_01("webmaker/user.txt");
file_01 << "[user=1]:<^>:[admin=#@545487@#]";
cout << "According to our files, this is the first time" << endl
<< "you''ve used this program. If so, please see the" << endl
<< "readme text file located in webmaker/support/readme" << endl;
while(display.display1 == 0)
display.display1=(display.display1 + 1);
cout << "Welcome to Demon Realms Studios Web Maker." << endl
<< "You should see the readme text file for the" << endl
<< "commands, tutorials, and much more. It''s located" << endl
<< "in your webdesign/support directory." << endl
<< "What would you like to do??" << endl;
cout << ": ";
cin.getline(input1, 20);
if(input1 == NPrj)
cout << "What would you like the name to be??" << endl
<< "Project name can only be up to 10 charactors!" << endl
<< ": ";
cin.getline(input2, 10);
cout << "Creating nesessary files and directories" << endl;
ofstream file_02("project.bat");
file_02 << "md " << input2 << endl
<< "md system" << endl
<< "del project.bat";
CreateDirectory(_T("c:/demonrealms/test"), NULL);

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