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Looking for developers

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Ok I have a little space flight combat simulation engine project in the works [OpenPrivateer] -- sorta wing commander + freespace 2 technology mix -- I was working on it with a group of my peers here at Iowa State, but the only one other than me that seriously did any work on it is out for a semester. At first it was going to be a privateer-style game (hence the OpenPrivateer name) -- after a while i decided i was in over my head with that kind of engine and switched to a military engine -- I have a significant ammount of the underlying technology in place the filesystem module - supporting packfiles, real files - mods the table reader module - for reading configuration data from human-readable textfiles (easier modding, easier making in the first place) the model format basic API for 2d GUI small "hackish" library to get full OpenGL 1.3 in both windows MSVC and Linux (not really needed in linux, but SDL_GetGLProcAddress() works in both so i don''t have to duplicate tons of GL calls) and some other things -- I just need dedicated developers that will help be work on this -- being the lone programmer has left me someone discouraged

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