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I have Dev C++ and the GNU compiler. I know there are two important debugging options called step and watch, but I don''t know how to use them on a program I have made using the compiler. Overall, I really wanna know how to use a debugger, and if someone could tell me about how to use them effectively or give me a link to a webpage that does I would be really grateful. Thanks, -bioagentX

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OKay. Fair question.

I''m going to explaine this from a basic point of view. Sorry if it''s a little too basic.

Step is where you can walk throught the lines in a function, line by line.
To do this you need to set a "break point". under dev C thats
ctrl + F5 or clicking with the mouse at the side of the line of code just left of the mirgin line {where the line numbers would be}. be warey, it nees to be a line of code the does something. not an open brace of declaration.

When you run the program after setting a break point the code will run until it reaches that line. It will then stop and return you to the devlopment area. you can then step (F7) throught the code. You can step into sub functions (shift + F7) if you have the source (i.e one of your own functions, not a linked libary).

When doing this you can move your mouse over varibles in scope and see what their value is. Whatching a varible alows the same thing.

Be warned sometimes fullscreen apps play havoc with debuggers because the system is trying to run two programs in different resolutions, at the same time. Log files can be more usful in these cases.

Have fun.

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