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hmmm, could this be causing a memory leak?

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using the sweet snippits thing from a day or so ago i messed around with this just for fun
case WM_KEYDOWN:	switch (wParam)
								case VK_SPACE:	if (Voice!=NULL)
													char *Text="Ich bin eine Nilpferd";
													WCHAR *TextBuffer=new WCHAR;
see im a lil worried about WCHAR *TextBuffer=new WCHAR; cause i mean it IS allocating a new WCHAR =/ but theres one problem if i try and delete it i get a runtime error =( and im not sure why if i do delete []TextBuffer; (or just delete TextBuffer; for that matter) i get the following error
Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library

Debug Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\My Projects\Voice\Debug\Voice.exe

DAMAGE: after Normal block (#40) at 0x00860090.

(Press Retry to debug the application)
i KNOW it has to be caused by my deleting the TextBuffer =/ but if i dont delete it... then wont it cause a memory leak? or have i been lied to all along? lol Bungo!

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The bug is here (I think):

int MultiByteToWideChar(
UINT CodePage, // OK
DWORD dwFlags, // OK
LPCSTR lpMultiByteStr, // OK
int cchMultiByte, // OK but if this is NULL terminated string You can put -1
LPWSTR lpWideCharStr, // OK
int cchWideChar // BUG !!!!!!

You dont have allocated strlen(Text)*2 buffer for output, but only one WCHAR:
WCHAR *TextBuffer=new WCHAR;

Incres buffer size and shold be OK. i think.

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so i should do WCHAR *TexBuffer=new WCHAR[strlen(Text)*2]; ? ill try that, thanks =P (i dunno why that never occured to me, ive had to do that sooo many times before)


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