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Vertex shader DX8 -> DX9

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This effect file is loaded by directx8 without any problems, but direct9 doesn''t want to load it. What''s wrong?
// light position in object (!) space

vector vLT0;

// transposed world*view*projection transform

matrix mwvp;

// shadow volume extruder

// c0	-	transposed world*view*proj matrix

// c4	-	light position in object (!) space

// c5	-	x: extrude-distance; y: extrude-from (LP.N<y);

vertexshader vs = 
	stream 0;
	float v0[3];				// position

	float v3[3];				// normal


	// compute point->light vector

	add	r0.xyz, -c4.xyz, v0.xyz		// r0: LP (point->light vector)

	dp3	r0.w, r0.xyz, r0.xyz		// r0.w: |LP|^2

	rsq	r0.w, r0.w					// r0.w: 1/|LP|

	mul	r0.xyz, r0.xyz, r0.www		// r0: normalized LP

	// dot with normal

	dp3	r0.w, r0.xyz, v3.xyz		// r0.w: LP dot N


	// test if dot less than given factor

	slt	r0.w, c5.y, r0.w			// r0.w: 0.0f if frontface, 1.0f if backface

	// extrude

	mul	r0.w, r0.w, c5.x			// r0.w: extrusion amount

	mad	r0.xyz, r0.xyz, r0.www,	v0.xyz
	mov	r0.w, v0.w					// r0: final world pos

	// to projection space

	m4x4 oPos, r0, c0

technique t0
	pass p0
		vertexshader = <vs>;

		VertexShaderConstant[0]	= <mwvp>;
		VertexShaderConstant[4] = <vLT0>;
		VertexShaderConstant[5] = (60.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f);

		CullMode = CCW;

		TextureFactor = 0x00202030;

		StencilEnable = True;
		StencilFunc = Always;
		StencilRef = 0x00000000;
		StencilMask = 0xffffffff;
		StencilWriteMask = 0xffffffff;
		StencilZFail = Incr;
		StencilFail = Keep;
		StencilPass = Keep;

        AlphaBlendEnable = True;
        SrcBlend = One;
        SrcBlend = Zero;
        DestBlend = One;

		//FillMode = Wireframe;

		ZWriteEnable = False;
		ZEnable = True;
		ZFunc = Less;

		ColorOp[0]   = SelectArg1;
		ColorArg1[0] = TFactor;
		ColorOp[1] = Disable;

	pass p1
		CullMode = CW;

		StencilZFail = Decr;

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No answers eh?

I''ll take a quick stab, I think you need to add vertex decl mapping for DX9... from the docs:

VertexShader =

dcl_position v0
dcl_normal v3
dcl_texcoord v7
dcl_texcoord v8

m4x4 oPos, v0, c4 //



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