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Surg AKA Kunark


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Hi, I am new to programing, exspecialy OpenGL programming, I have one book that is useless called C++ for Dummies, and I would like to know, how i can get text, to go to the screen using a simple command, hopefully something like GLcout << ("My text to go on screen", MaybeAColourSetting, SomesizeIhope, X-cordinate, Y-cordinate). I know im askin alot, but im so new to this, and this one thin wasn''t in the NeHe tutorials. LOL, thats what i been learning off of. So, i use the very first lesson in NeHe as my setting up if you need to know what my source looks like. TY

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NeHe''s tutorials 13, 14 and 15 show you how to dispaly font, although I''m afraid there isn''t any simple OpenGL command it still isn''t very difficult if you follow the tutorials.

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its harder than u think
there are 2 ways: the slow way, and the fast way
i'll explain the fast way : use polygons for the letters and use a font texture

here is my console code:


struct tFont
char name[64];
CTexture tex;
int height;

tFont fonts[2];
int numFonts = 0;
int curFont = 0;

float textX, textY;
float fontColor[4];

void conSetColor(float r, float g, float b, float a)
fontColor[0] = r;
fontColor[1] = g;
fontColor[2] = b;
fontColor[3] = a;

void conCreateFont(LPSTR strFontName, int height)

char bmpName[255];

FILE *fi = fopen(strFontName, "rt");

fscanf(fi, "%s", fonts[numFonts].name);
fscanf(fi, "%s", bmpName);


fonts[numFonts].height = height;


void conSelectFont(int i)
curFont = i;

void conDrawChar(unsigned char c, int x, int y )

float cPosX, cPosY;

float fontSZ = fonts[curFont].height;
float texSz = fonts[curFont].tex.GetWidth();

float origX = 0;
float origY = 0;
float sizeX = texSz / 16;
float sizeY = texSz / 16;

y = y + (texSz / 16);

cPosX = (c % 16) * (texSz / 16);
cPosY = (c / 16) * (texSz / 16);

CVector2 tl, tr, bl, br;

tl.x = (cPosX + origX) / texSz;
tl.y = (cPosY + origY) / texSz;

tr.x = (cPosX + origX + sizeX) / texSz;
tr.y = (cPosY + origY) / texSz;

br.x = (cPosX + origX + sizeX) / texSz;
br.y = (cPosY + origY + sizeY) / texSz;

bl.x = (cPosX + origX) / texSz;
bl.y = (cPosY + origY + sizeY) / texSz;

textX += fontSZ + FONT_SPACE;

glTexCoord2f(bl.x, bl.y);
glVertex2f(x, y );

glTexCoord2f(br.x, br.y);
glVertex2f(x + fontSZ, y );

glTexCoord2f(tr.x, tr.y);
glVertex2f(x + fontSZ, y - fontSZ);

glTexCoord2f(tl.x, tl.y);
glVertex2f(x, y - fontSZ);


void conTextOut(int x, int y, const char *strString, ...)
char strText[256];
va_list argumentPtr;

if (strString == NULL)

va_start(argumentPtr, strString);

vsprintf(strText, strString, argumentPtr);


textX = x - strlen(strString) * fonts[curFont].height / 2;

glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );

glMatrixMode( GL_PROJECTION );

gluOrtho2D(0, curConfig.scrWidth, curConfig.scrHeight, 0);


glAlphaFunc(GL_GREATER, 0.0f);

glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, fonts[curFont].tex.texnum);

int i = 0;
while (strText[i++] != 0)
conDrawChar(strText[i - 1], textX, y);

glColor4f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);

glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );


a font file contains the font name and the path to the font image
remeber to flip the font image vertically or change the code (i was 2 lazy to 2 it myself)

[edited by - Ilici on April 18, 2003 2:40:57 PM]

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Glut has a number of functions that allows you to display text in your OpenGL windows. The fonts aren''t that brilliant though so most people tend to store each letter as a texture and use them.

http://www.gametutorials.com had a tutorial on this subject. Try that.

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Hi, the newb is back, lol, Ok i got text to work, now say i want to add more lines of text, after the screen is full, how do i reset the screen. So i can add some more. Also i would like to know how i can make like a timer, so that it shows the startup screen for a certain amount of time, then shows the text.

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