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Dev-Cpp: Command string to long for command.com?

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I'm experiencing a rather strange problem in Dev-Cpp. When i link my project, which consist of 8 .cpp files, the compiler log gives me this:
Building Makefile: "D:\Game\PuyoPuyo\Makefile.win"
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "D:\Game\PuyoPuyo\Makefile.win" all
g++.exe ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/Win.o ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/DDUtils.o ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/DILib.o ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/ImageLib.o ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/Sound.o ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/SpriteLib.o ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DXLib/DDLib.o Main.o  -o "PuyoPuyo.exe" -L"D:/PROGRAM/DEV-CPP/lib" -L"D:/Program/Dev-Cpp/DX7SDK/lib" -mwindows ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DX7SDK/lib/libddraw.a ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DX7SDK/lib/libdinput.a ../../Program/Dev-Cpp/DX7SDK/lib/libdxguid.a 
Felaktigt kommando eller filnamn.
Execution terminated
"Felaktigt kommando eller filnamn." is swedish for "bad command or filename" When I put the source files in folders closer to the root, so that the command string when calling g++ got shorter, it worked. I suspect the problem is because the command prompt only can swallow a certain number of characters in one command, or is it a bug in Dev-cpp? Has anyone else experienced this problem, and did you find a workaround? If so, please tell me, it's quite annoying having to move my files around all the time. I'm using Dev-Cpp, Win95 C /John [edited by - FunkyTune on April 18, 2003 2:47:49 PM]

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Don''t install Dev-C++ in a folder whose path contains spaces. You''ll run into this very thing. Idunno if that''s your problem, but that''s the first thing I thought of...

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Dev-Cpp is in "d:\program\Dev-cpp", and "dev-cpp" was the default folder name, so i assume that it can handle the '-' character... so it must be something else.
Thanks for answering so fast though.


[edited by - FunkyTune on April 18, 2003 2:53:36 PM]

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